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Tiny Steam

Wilesco D2

This is the smallest of the Wilesco range of static engines. It is candle powered and steams extremely well. It also doubles as a great table top ornament as well.

Ministeam Beam Engine

This is a new addition to my collection. The Ministeam double acting Beam Engine is produced by the German manufacturer Lutz Hielscher from Wuppertal. It is built from stainless steel, brass and glass for the boiler and it's so small it is lost when sitting in the palm of my hand! It's estimated running time is five minutes on one  boiler filling.

Microcosm M6 Vertical Boiler Steam Engine

This is a new engine from China that is extremely well made. This is my second vertical boiler engine, the other being a Wilesco D3. Its technical specifications are:

Boiler volume: 20cc, Total length: 60mm, Full-width: 57mm, Full-height: 120mm
Weight: 200gms, Flywheel: 28.5mm, Output shaft: 2mm, Bore: 4.5mm,

Piston stroke: 7mm.

Microcosm M22 Small Steam Engine

This is a single cylinder oscillating engine from China with a tin boiler fired by methylated spirits.

The engine details are: length 35mm, width 24, height 31mm, weight 46gm, flywheel diameter 21.5mm, shaft diameter 2mm, cylinder diameter 4.5mm.

The boiler diameter is 60mm and its height 35mm.

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