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Showman's Engines

Carters Famous Steam Fair Showman's Engine

I have seen a full size showman's engine at the Carters Steam Fair and ridden on many of the rides at their fair when I lived in Berkshire. I can't remember any details of the showman's engine that I saw but really enjoyed my visits to the fair over the years. When I found this Corgi model at a car boot sale in Edinburgh, I haggled well and bought it. I must admit it brought back some very happy memories.

The text on the box gives some background history of Carters Steam Fair and I have repeated it here as it's almost impossible to read from the photo:

“Do you feel deprived of the magic, romance and fun that you recall from the Funfairs of yesterday?

Carters Traditional English Steam fair redress the balance. Every year thousands of people flock to this famous Funfair renowned for its atmosphere, colour and rare attractions.

Started in 1976 by John and Anne Carter, the Steam fair has always aimed for the family business, all are welcome from toddlers to Grandma. It has long been their policy to hold only two day fairs, ensuring that ‘here today - gone tomorrow’ excitement all children love.

Carters Steam Fair is frequently used in feature films and TV dramas, commercials and videos, their frequent proximity to London being an advantage and they are happy to quote for film work and private hire.

Maintaining an English heritage of fairground amusement, their aim is to bring real tradition to the people in their parks and village greens.”

Well, I couldn't have described it better! The model carries the name plate "The Monarch" and registration number plate KE2838.

For anyone who would like to visit this great steam fair their web address is:

Fowler B6 Showmans Locomotive ‘Supreme’ – S.J.Wharton

Another great car boot find which came fully boxed. This is a 1:50 scale Corgi model and is described as follows:

This engine, No. 20223 was built in March 1934 for Mrs. A. Deakin & Sons of Brynmawr, Brecon to provide power and road haulage for fairground equipment, before moving to railway haulage and demolition work in 1940. One of only four Fowler B6 ‘Super Lions’ built, ‘Supreme’ was the only one to have chromed rather than brass fittings. When fully loaded, this 10hp traction engine weighed 25 tons. In 1958, it was purchased by enthusiast Mr. Jack Wharton who carried out a 12 year restoration of a very high quality and ‘Supreme’ was subsequently rallied all over Britain. On his death, the engine was bequeathed to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu where she stands resplendent to this day.

Fowler Traction Engine

This is by no means a die-cast model even in the most fertile of imaginations! It is a Fowler Traction Engine (it really represents a Showman’s Engine) that has been carved from a single piece of coal and is approximately five inches in length. I felt it deserved a place here as it is a brilliant birthday present that I like very much. Thank you Stevie and Marlyn.


The wheels and flywheel aren't truly circular; you try and carve a circle out of coal! I can't and I'm an engineer! But perhaps they weren't supposed to be round, after all it is a cracking piece of art!

As Stevie so succinctly put it "What better way to represent a Traction Engine than to carve a model of it out of the fuel that fires it!" I agree!


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