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Ongoing Projects


My description of the progress of the Fairground is shown in chronological order and photos will also appear. I’m happy to say that it can go forward a little faster than was previously possible now that my work and life balance has improved!

History 1: I have started to accumulate Wilesco fair rides (one so far!) so that I can build a fairground. I now have two Mamod TE1a Traction engines to drive the fun fair that I plan to mount on a base board. This is a long term project to suit my pocket but I hope to collect at least one Wilesco fair ride every month (bills and bank manager allowing!). I will keep you posted on this project as it progresses.

History 2: The fairground rides are all ready to build up the fairground together with the engines. I didn’t have a problem with the bank manager either! Now all I need is a bit of time to get this project in progress (work keeps getting in the way! Well I had to finance it some way!)

Present progress: Now I have more time to commit to this project! The base board is ready for the next stage. I have used ex-pool table green baize to cover the 2ft by 4ft baseboard. If I decide to “fire” up the engines then I will mount the engines on metal base plates, otherwise I will drive the engines by compressed air. That is just part of the planning process! I now have to decide how to lay out the fairground rides and engines. More to follow soon!

Initial Planning

More Ideas

I have some ideas as to what I would like to do using Mamod parts. I want to build a "Portable Engine". Mamod have a wonderful range of static engines but not a portable engine (Wilesco have a beautiful portable engine and horses to go with it but it's very expensive). 

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