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"Auld Steamie"

 I was always interested in steam trains as a kid but never was a train spotter! My first sight of a steam traction engine was in Wolverhampton in the early 1950s; steam rollers and the occasional steam wagon (well I only saw the steam wagons about three times, I still don't know if they were working wagons or run by steam enthusiasts).

As I haven't got a large barn to keep a full sized steam engine in as the late and great Fred Dibnah did, I collect and run model steam engines mainly from the Mamod and Wilesco ranges.

I have other interests: amateur radio with the callsign GM6BRU, folk and country music guitar, learning to play ukulele and radio controlled model boats.

Max was my Bearded Collie who was just over twelve and a half years old when he died of age related cancer.

Max  2004 to 2017. 

Much loved and sadly missed.

“No matter the length of pedigree, no matter what you paid, you are still sharing your home with a wolf.”

"Auld Steamie" AKA John Paul

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