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Traction Engines

Fowler B6 Road Locomotive ‘Talisman’, Low Loader and Cylinder Load – Pickfords

Yet another great car boot find again fully boxed. This is a 1:50 scale Corgi model with a limited edition number 4588 and is described as follows:

Pickfords’ first steam vehicle was a 1903 Wallis & Steevens 3-ton steam tractor. Although a solitary steam van was tried out in 1905, it was the Hindley that put Pickford’s steam haulage into a firm foundation.

In 1930, part of the famous Norman E Box fleet passed into Pickfords’ ownership including six magnificent Fowler Class B6 8bhp locomotives. Represented here is ‘Talisman’, Fleet No 1053, Registration No NE 2834, carrying a 15ft x 15ft cylinder made by Walmsbureys (Bury) Ltd and Bentley Jackson Ltd for the St Annes Board Mill Co Ltd of Bristol in February 1933.

Garrett 4CD Road Tractor – ‘Bunty’

This Corgi Vintage Glory of Steam model is another boxed car boot find and is described as follows:

No.34641 was built in 1924 and after having been exhibited in ‘special chocolate and red livery’ at the Smithfield Show. ’Bunty’ was sold in 1925 to Clare Rural District Council along with two four-wheeled traction-wagons. In 1929 a disastrous fire occurred and Bunty was badly damaged – the charred remains were then sold for £67 to a firm of engine dealers and repairers. Fully repaired she had a new lease of life with H.H.Heffer, Agricultural Contractors from Farnham.

Rebuilt in the 80’s to her original specification and livery, ‘Bunty’ can now be seen at the world famous Bressingham Steam Museum, Diss, Norfolk where she is on show with over 40 other engines.

Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens are open from April to October, from 10.30am to 5.30pm daily.

Fowler B6 Crane Engine and Log Trailer – The Great North

 This engine and trailer are from the Dibnah’s Choice range of Corgi Models that came fully boxed from another car boot shopping trip. A great find in the livery of Wilkinson Machinery Merchant of Leith, North of Edinburgh.

Garrett 4CD Road Tractor, Trailer & Load ‘Victor’ – Anker Valley

This is a car boot find and is Limited Edition No. 3951 from the Corgi range of Vintage Glory models.

It is described as follows:

Garrett Tractor No. 33986, registration BJ 5601 was built in 1920. A typical tractor design in every way, Garrett features are the big ‘G’ motif on the smokebox, the flywheel design with oval slots around the inner rim and the funnel and canopy designs. ‘Victor’ was delivered to Sadler Bros, of Stourbridge and hauled steel to the Birmingham area and timber to Somerset until the 1930s. After the Second World War it passed into the ownership of James & Sons of Kingswinford whooperate a fleet of steam engines until the late 50s.

Fowler B6 Crane Engine (Wolverhampton Wanderer)

Another boxed car boot find in the Corgi Vintage Glory series and is Limited Edition No. 4040.

 It is described as follows:

Fowler 17212, Reg. No. RF 6092, 10nhp and weighing 22 tons was built in 1929 for John Thompsons Boilermakers of Ettingshall, Wolverhampton. The engine was used for delivering boilers all over the country until 1948. It was then used as a general mobile crane around the stockyards.

The engine stood for ten years before being restored by Len Crane and now appears at events all over the UK and Europe. Still fitted with its original copper firebox, she has been known to move 126 tons with her winch rope.

Fowler B6 Road Locomotive ‘Vulcan’, Low Loader and Boiler Load

This is a  boxed car boot find in the Corgi Dibnah’s Choice series and is Limited Edition No. CC20101.

It is described as follows:

John Fowler & Co of Leeds was one of the most famous steam builders, supplying vehicles to all parts of the world, the majority of which were built between 1900 and 1914. The Company excelled at heavy haulage with many famous firms such as Pickfords and Norman E Box running large fleets. Road Rollers were produced in considerable numbers but the company is best remembered for its superb Fowler B6 Super Lion Showman’s Locomotives of which only four were built. Around 500 Fowler engines of various types are preserved in the UK with many others abroad. These marvelous reminders of a bygone age are kept alive by the devotion and efforts of enthusiasts worldwide. Engine No. 14844, ‘Vulcan’, was supplied new to the famous Manchester company Norman E Box and later in 1930 passed into the ownership of  Pickfords. 

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