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Steam Rollers

Aveling-Porter Steam Roller of 1894

I bought this fully boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear model on e-bay.

The in-box description is as follows:

Built by Aveling-Porter at their Rochester, Kent works this 15 ton single cylinder steam roller developed approximately 40 h.p. with a boiler pressure of 125 ibs/ (8.789kg/



Burrell Road Roller

This is a Hornby 00 Gauge model of a Burrell Road Roller.

There is no description of the model on the box so I suspect it is a general representation of this type of steam roller that has been made in 00 gauge scale to complement the Hornby range of model railways. In itself, it is a beautiful model with plenty of fine detail and makes a nice addition to the collection.


Aveling and Porter Road Roller

I rescued this Models of Yesteryear steam roller from a car boot sale. It came boxless and I think it had become an unwanted child’s toy!





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