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Mobile Steam Engines


Mamod TE1a Traction Engine

My first purchase in 1970 for £17-10s-0p (£17-50p), how times have changed! The tyres are a recent addition.


At the end of January 2011 I was very fortunate to be given another TE1A and a TE1 which were greatly appreciated and will be cherished and steamed! The TE1A is the same era as my original TE1A. The TE1, though almost complete, needed a little TLC. It is featured in my Restoration Projects page. Again, thank you, Stevie.

I have recently bought a later version of the TE1A which, together with another of my TE1As, is destined to provide the power for the Fairground. The progress of the Fairground is described on the Ongoing Projects page.

Wilesco Traction Engine

Nearly over engineered! Great engine for running static or mobile. I particularly like the gear engage / disengage function.


 Mamod SR1 Steam Roller with Water Bowser

This early version does not have the reverse lever as fitted to the SR1a. Note the early version of whistle. The positions of the whistle and safety valve are transposed on my model when compared with the SR1a.


 Mamod Centurion Tractor with Living Van

This is my tribute to the late Fred Dibnah and his final steam tour of Britain. Yes, I know, Fred's engine didn't have a canopy and his living van was green! I don't think he would have minded too much!


Mamod Short Boiler Steam Tractor

This is a beautiful rebuild of the TE1a using a shorter boiler. I wish it could be attributed to me! It was STEAM4FUN, go to my links page and check them out! Another great dealer. The final build has produced a very handsome engine. 

Mamod Brooklands Tourer

OK, it won't outrun a Ferrari, but it's better looking and has a quieter engine!


Mamod Steam Wagon SW1

This is the new addition to my mobile stable. I think it’s a great representation of a Foden wagon!


Mamod Traction Engine TE1

This old engine was a present from my pal and its clean-up is described in Restoration Projects. This is a little beauty from 1965 to 1967.

The Road Train

I have added a Mamod Open Wagon to the collection. Here it is as part of a road train together with the Short Boiler Traction Engine and Living Van.


Markie Little Gem Road Locomotive

This engine (that I have named Moira) is a long awaited addition to my steam collection. It is of the smallest scale for miniature engines and fortunately in the price range that my bank manager will allow me without going into overdraft!  Watch what happens when I hit the big one on the Lottery or football pools (yeah, right John, dream on!). Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here is a photo and the technical details of the engine. (I apologize for the rotten picture, it was done hurriedly to get a shot onto the website. I shall spend more time taking a decent picture soonest! The smoke stack doesn't lean forward either!)

Technical Specifications:

  • Scale: ¾" to 1 foot
  • Height: 9½"
  • Length: 17"
  • Width: 7"
  • Weight; 14lbs
  • Rear Wheels: 5" Diameter
  • Front Wheels: 3" Diameter
  • Boiler Diameter: 1¾"
  • Boiler Length: 7½"
  • Running Pressure: 20 to 40 psi

Here are some more details about the engine:

  • Spirit Fired
  • Cab: Steel and Dural Construction
  • Smoke Box: Fabrication with Brass Chimney Top
  • Door: Hinged with Markie name plate
  • Front Axle and Fork: Steel
  • Boiler: Copper with 5 Water Tubes and heavy gauge Back Plate all silver soldered with certificate
  • Cylinder: Machined from block
  • Main Tube: Steel tube enclosing boiler
  • Wheels: Hand built and riveted. Canopy and supports. Boards and rubber tyres
  • Cylinder: Double Acting 1/2" (12.5mm) diameter
  • Crankshaft: Steel 3/4" (19mm) stroke Piston and Rod: Stainless Steel
  • Slide Valve
  • Forward/Reverse Slip Eccentric
  • Lever Operated
  • Displacement Lubricator
  • Copper Tubing throughout

Other very important features of the engine are:

  • Pressure Gauge
  • Water Level Sight Glass
  • Steam Cock and Drain Screw
  • Ring Burner with drip feed
  • Tender Tank (spirit fired)
  • Steering by Worm and Wheel Chain
  • Lever Brake System
  • Single Speed Lever Control
  • Gear Driven.

I have copied the technical details of the engine from the Little Gem information that is available from the Forrest Classics web site

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