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Steam Web Sites

These are web sites of dealers that I have used and can recommend them together with other web sites of interest.

On-Line Model Steam and Parts Shops:

      Model Enthusiasts

      Manor Models formerly

      Forest Classics



        Pop-Pop Boats & Interesting Toys

Toy and Model Steam Web Sites:

        Restoring Mamod Steam Engines

        Mamod Forums Web Site

      Toy Steam Bible

      Roly Williams Web Site

       Dave's Tin Plate Engines

      Mooseman's Web Site

      Sandmans Steam Shack

       Mikes steam World

      Ross's Steam Stuff

       The Pop-pop pages 

      How to make your own "PUT-PUT BOAT" or "POP-POP-BOAT"

       Crabfu SteamWorks - This takes imagination and a lot of engineering!

      Flying Steam Engines - Oh dear, refer back to my Home Page!

      Swift Fox Steam Co - A great collection of steam and wild life photographs

      Animated Engines - Extremely interesting! 

Full Size Steam Web Sites:

        Pudsey Steam Roller: An in-progress project that is really worth supporting.

       Road Roller Association

        National Traction Engine Trust

        Fred Dibnah

      Old Glory Magazine

      Steam Scenes

        Stanley Steam Cars

        The Steam Car Club of Great Britain

        The Hoke Family's Stanley Steam Car Site 

      North Yorkshire Moors Railway

      The Scottish Railways Preservation Society

      Steam Boat Museum at Windermere

      Hereford Steam Museum

      Peppercorn A1 Pacific Class Steam Locomotive "Tornado"

Non-Steam Web Sites

      National Museums Scotland Once you visit this link then actually go to the recently renovated National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, you will not be disappointed! Ten galleries covering Science & Technology and Design are being refurbished and will be opened in 2016.

      Got a Ukulele  Definitely THE web site for Ukulele players, learners and the more experienced ukulele player alike.

    The Friendly Beardie Site  As someone who has a Bearded Collie as a member of my family, I love this web site! Yes I am prejudiced! OK Max, I told them!

       McGonagall - Try this web site for size, I'm no poet but McGonagall beats me! Look for The Tay Bridge Disaster.